Will Bankruptcy Really Stop Creditor Calls and Harassment?

Yes!  Bankruptcy ends creditor harassment. You get the “automatic stay” the moment the bankruptcy is filed.  You do not have to go to court to ask for it.   Creditors are required to respect it.  The automatic stay stops the phone calls, the letters, and ends the feeling of constant harassment.   In fact, the automatic stay puts you in control

infographic on the automatic stay protection

What The Automatic Stay Covers

  • Your creditors must immediately stop contacting you.  It takes them a few days to get the notice of bankruptcy filing, but you can give them your case number.
  • The automatic stay stops garnishments immediately.
  • Also, the automatic stay stops debt collection lawsuits.
  • The automatic stay stops repossession and foreclosure.
  • Plus, the automatic stay stops eviction.
  • The automatic stay prevents your utilities from being shutoff.
  • If you lost your drivers license because you were an uninsured motorist or an under insured motorist, you get your license back immediately.
  • The collection of an overpayment on public benefits such as social security, worker’s comp, or unemployment; however, this does not apply to a recoupment or later eligibility determination.  Recoupment is a complicated area of bankruptcy law that your lawyer can explain to you in more detail.

What The Automatic Stay Does Not Cover

Only a very limited number of debts are not covered by the automatic stay; and, this does not come up often in my cases.  If you think that you have a debt that is not covered by the automatic stay, then you should talk to a Seattle – Kent bankruptcy lawyer and I can evaluate your case and explain your options to you.

  • The automatic stay does not stop criminal proceedings.
  • The automatic stay does not stop actions to enforce or collect on child support, spousal maintenance, or alimony obligations.
  • Certain tax proceedings, such as audits and the filing of substitute returns, are not covered by the automatic stay.
  • 401(k) loans and other retirement plan loans are not covered by the automatic stay.
  • The automatic stay does not prevent non-dischargeability or other adversary proceedings.
  • If you have filed bankruptcy in the last year, the automatic stay may be limited to 30 days or not apply at all.  You can have the automatic stay extended or reimposed by filing a motion with the court.
As Phoenix Bankruptcy Attorneys, our lawyers helped multiple bankruptcy filers regain the automatic stay.  Contact our Phoenix bankruptcy office today for more information about how bankruptcy will stop creditor harassment.  (480) 263-1699.

How Phoenix Bankruptcy Attorney Stops Creditor Harassment.

When you retain our Phoenix bankruptcy attorney for bankruptcy.  We give you a phone number to give to your creditors to call.  It is our special phone number that we answer your creditor calls and inform your creditors that you have retained our services and that they are not allowed to contact you any further.
Additionally, once we file your bankruptcy, we mail out a letter to every one of your creditors informing them that you have filed for bankruptcy protection.  The letter explains the Automatic Stay and lays out their options.  Plus, your creditors are informed that going forward they will be dealing with us regarding your debt.  Thus, further assuring that creditor harassment is stopped by hiring our Phoenix debt relief team.

Creditor Harassment Protections after Bankruptcy

You have protection from creditors once you have filed for bankruptcy.  You will receive a discharge from many if not all of your debts that you had prior to filing bankruptcy in Phoenix. Bankruptcy should stop all of the creditor harassment that you were getting prior to hiring our Phoenix bankruptcy lawyer.
What does this mean?  It means that legally, you no longer owe nor do you have to repay those debts.  However, some creditors may still try to contact you and attempt to collect on these discharged debts.  Creditors are sneaky and shady a lot of the times. They will attempt to persuade you to repay these debts that you don’t owe. However, this collection practice by your creditor is illegal and is punishable by law.
Therefore, if a creditor violates your bankruptcy discharge order, you have many of the same rights as you do for creditors who violate the automatic stay.  This means that you may recover any actual losses you incurred because of the violation plus attorneys’ fees. Additionally, the creditor who harassed you may face contempt of court sanctions.  Plus, if egregious enough of a violation, the creditor may also face fines and court costs.


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Are you struggling to make ends meet?  Do creditors harass you over the phone and through the mail? Does your financial future seem hopeless?  If so, there is a solution to your problems!  A Phoenix Bankruptcy Lawyer offers free consultations and debt evaluations.  Find out what types of debt relief are available and which form of debt relief may be the most beneficial for your particular situation.  This affordable bankruptcy attorney in Phoenix can help you achieve the financial freedom you seek.  Become debt free!

In today’s difficult times, many people are finding it very difficult to keep up with their financial obligations.  In fact, more and more people throughout Arizona are losing their jobs or getting their hours and paychecks reduced, resulting in an unexpected loss of income.  Creditors’ Lawsuits, car repossessions, wage garnishments, and constant collection attempts are just a few problems plaguing individuals, families, and businesses in Phoenix and surrounding communities.  Additionally, many homeowners are in foreclosure after experiencing a job loss, decrease in pay, and/or an increase in their monthly mortgage payments.  No matter what type of financial problems you are facing, a debt relief expert can help you figure out the best solution to your problem and will work to give you the “Fresh Start” that you deserve.  Call (480) 263-1699 for a free consultation (Either in one of our Phoenix area offices or by phone, Your Choice!)

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