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    Filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the choice of Phoenix residents with overwhelming debt. The goal of a Chapter 7 filing is to completely discharge, or get rid of, all unsecured debt.  Our Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyers advice you as how declaring bankruptcy is key to keeping your home and assets.

    ARIZONA Chapter 13 Bankruptcy LAWYER PHOENIX

    Phoenix Chapter 13 Bankruptcy allows the Phoenix debtors to “reorganize” their debt while paying only a portion of it back. Chapter 13 bankruptcy  is know as a “Wage Earner’s” bankruptcy.  Phoenix Chapter 13 repayment plans allow the debtor to pay over a period of 3 to 5 years.


     If declaring bankruptcy in Arizona is the best method to wipe out your debt, our Phoenix $0 Bankruptcy Attorneys can help you afford your fresh start.  In fact, many of our clients are desperate for relief from wage garnishments, collection actions from creditors, and overwhelming amounts of debt.




    Bankruptcy is a legal process that allows you to erase some or all of your debts. Common debts that can be discharged are credit card debt, medical bill debt, registration loans, payday loans, unsecured debt, and personal loans. Additionally, you may even be able to discharge some taxes and junior mortgages. However, not all debts can be included in a bankruptcy. Student loans and familial obligations like child support likely won’t be discharged in your bankruptcy. Also, once your debts are discharged, you are no longer obligated to pay them.


    There are many other chapters of bankruptcy, but most individuals file either a Chapter 7 or a Chapter 13. A Chapter 7 bankruptcy discharges most of your unsecured debts, while a Chapter 13 bankruptcy reorganizes your debts into a 3-5 year payment plan.  Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Arizona is the most popular bankruptcy filing in Phoenix, Maricopa County, and throughout Arizona.  An Arizona Chapter 13 bankruptcy is the 2nd most popular bankruptcy chapter in Phoenix and all of Arizona.
    Chapter 7 is also called a “Liquidation or Fresh Start Bankruptcy”.  Chapter 13 is also called a “Wage Earner’s Bankruptcy”.  Chapter 11 bankruptcies are mainly for businesses that wish to stay in business and re-organize their debt.


    To qualify for a Chapter 7, you must meet at least one of two requirements: you make below the median income level for your state, or you pass the Bankruptcy Means Test. Your income level will be calculated by combining you and your spouse’s income and averaging it over the past six months. Minor children will be counted towards your family size, but not adult children.

    If you make above your state’s median income level, you will have to prove to the court that you don’t have enough money left at the end of the month to pay your debts to qualify for a Chapter 7. Mandatory deductions and court-approved monthly payments will be subtracted from your income. If the amount you have left is below a certain number, you will qualify for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. If not, you still have Chapter 13 as an option.


    Bankruptcy protections start as soon as you retain an attorney. Retaining procedures vary by office, but you can refer your creditors to your attorney as soon as you have hired them. Your creditors aren’t allowed to call you after you have informed them that you have a bankruptcy attorney.

    Once you file your petition, you will be protected by The Automatic Stay. The Automatic Stay is active until your case is discharged or dismissed. When you are protected by the automatic stay, your creditors can’t garnish your wages, foreclose your home, or repossess your vehicle.


    The fees for a bankruptcy will depend on a few factors. The attorney’s fees for a Chapter 13 are typically more expensive than a Chapter 7. However, your attorney may agree to work these fees into your plan, so up front a Chapter 13 would cost less than a Chapter 7. Attorneys’ fees will also depend on your geographic location, the complexity of your case, and how much experience your attorney has.

    The filing fee for a Chapter 7 is $335, and a Chapter 13 is $310. In both chapters, you will be required to take two credit counseling courses that are around $15-20 each.


    Many Phoenix bankruptcy attorneys require you to pay the court filing fee and their entire legal representation fee before your case is filed. Our office offers $0 down payment plans for qualifying individuals filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Our plans can extend as long as 12 months post-bankruptcy. You can choose monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly payments and you choose the payment plan start date (within 30 days after your bankruptcy is filed). Your payments will be credit reported, helping you rebuild your credit score faster.


    Chapter 13 bankruptcy is also referred to as a “wage earner’s plan”. You will need to be able to prove that you have the income to make your chapter 13 bankruptcy plan payments for it to be confirmed.

    However, a Chapter 7 bankruptcy doesn’t have a minimum income requirement. In fact, filing a Chapter 7 requires you to prove that your income is low enough to not have to pay your debts. Since you don’t need to repay your debts in a Chapter 7, income isn’t required. However, you may have difficulty qualifying for a Phoenix $0 down payment plan if you don’t have income.


    Fresh Start Bankruptcy is another common name for a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.  It gets the name Fresh Start as the filer gets all of their unsecured debts discharged in the Phoenix Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.  Removal of their unsecured debts clears the path to a new financial beginning and a Fresh Financial Start.  Call (480) 263-1699 today and get your Fresh Start today from our Phoenix Bankruptcy Lawyers.

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    Our Phoenix Bankruptcy Attorneys can assist you with your Debt Relief needs.  We offer $0 Down Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy for Arizona.  Please know, declaring bankruptcy in Phoenix is not a financial death sentence.  It is a means to the goal of a fresh financial start.  For example, declaring bankruptcy in Phoenix doesn’t have to mean the end of your life.  Plus, the assistance of the right lawyer will be beneficial as it helps you resolve your debts, eliminate stress, stop creditor harassment, and emerge from debt relief proceedings financially on a sound footing.
    In addition, our Arizona bankruptcy attorneys have filed several bankruptcies for people in Phoenix, Maricopa County, and throughout Arizona.  Also, our legal team has a solid reputation as a Phoenix Debt Relief lawyer law firm.  Phoenix Bankruptcy Attorneys earns status through dedication to clients and his knowledge of the bankruptcy chapters, the bankruptcy process, and bankruptcy laws in Arizona.  Plus, our legal team works with you all the way through the bankruptcy filing process.
    By all means, call (480) 263-1699 and speak with Phoenix Bankruptcy Lawyer about how to eliminate your debt and how to begin rebuilding your credit after declaring bankruptcy.  Also, initial consultations are free and can be handled in one of our Phoenix Metro Area offices or via telephone.  Your choice.  Our Phoenix Debt Relief Team look forward to assisting you with your needs.  Be it:  Phoenix Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, Phoenix Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, Zero Down Bankruptcy, or an Emergency Bankruptcy Filing, our Phoenix bankruptcy lawyer has you covered.

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    Bankruptcy Lawyers in Phoenix, Arizona.

    We understand, being in debt causes anxiety.  Therefore, Phoenix Bankruptcy Attorneys at our Phoenix bankruptcy office are available to help ease the anxiety.  Regardless, if you are facing a foreclosure, a repossession, medical debt, or have incurred insurmountable credit card debt, give Phoenix Bankruptcy Attorneys a call at (480) 263-1699.  

    Are you struggling to make ends meet?  Do creditors harass you over the phone and through the mail?  Does your financial future seem hopeless?  If so, there is a solution to your problems!  Phoenix Bankruptcy Lawyers offer free consultations and debt evaluations.  Therefore, find out what types of debt relief are available and which form of debt relief may be the most beneficial for your particular situation.  Additionally, this affordable bankruptcy attorney in Phoenix can help you achieve the financial freedom you seek.  Become debt free!

    In today’s difficult times, many people are finding it very difficult to keep up with their financial  obligations.  In fact, more and more people throughout Arizona are losing their jobs or getting their hours and paychecks reduced, resulting in an unexpected loss of income.  Creditors’ Lawsuits, car repossessions, wage garnishments, and constant collection attempts are just a few problems plaguing individuals, families, and businesses in Phoenix and surrounding communities.

    Additionally, many homeowners are in foreclosure after experiencing a job loss, decrease in pay, and/or an increase in their monthly mortgage payments.  Therefore, no matter what type of financial problems you are facing, a debt relief expert can help you figure out the best solution to your problem and will work to give you the “Fresh Start” that you deserve. Thus, you should Call (480) 263-1699 for a free consultation (Either in one of our Phoenix area offices or Bankruptcy by phone, Your Choice!)


    I found myself in a very tough situation. Bankruptcy was the only way to go. My company went underwater and my personal life was suffering greatly. After hiring Geoff from My AZ Lawyers, I finally began to see light. They handled my case from beginning to end and I’m very pleased with the results. Got my bankruptcy discharge and I am ready for a new beginning. Thank you guys so much. -Allen T.5 star client reviews

    I wasn’t sure if bankruptcy was right for me, but after speaking to this team of lawyers, we decided it was. They were by my side until the end of the process. I recommend them to anyone considering bankruptcy. – Baily B.
    5 star client reviews

    Good down to Earth people. Seriously the most personable lawyers I’ve ever worked with. Good down to Earth people. They kept in contact with me throughout the entire process. Knowing what was going on helped put my mind at ease, in the end it all worked out. – Jenna C.5 star client reviews

    Great payment plans

    Great payment plans and pricing!  – Alicia  F.5 star client reviews

    I felt completely confident with the attorney I was matched with.

    I felt completely confident with the attorney I was matched with. He worked really hard for me and the outcome was better than expected. – Alexandria O.5 star client reviews

    They’re the best!

    My AZ lawyers made the bankruptcy process smooth easy and worry free! They’re the best!  -Felicia  M.5 star client reviews

    A great law firm with reasonable prices.

    A great law firm with reasonable prices. Representation is great too!  -Suzanna  G.5 star client reviews

    I want to say that my attorney went above and beyond for myself and spouse! There were many times that I scheduled an appointment and couldn’t make it, he always replied quick and would work around my schedule! He never made us feel bad for what we did in our past! I am recommending him to my family and friends! Thanks again!!!  – Ricki S.
    5 star client reviews

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    Lastly, we offer free bankruptcy consultations in one of our Phoenix area offices and initial evaluations by telephone with one of our experienced attorneys.  By all means, call us today and set up your free consultation.  For example, maybe you are facing a foreclosure, a repossession, or have incurred insurmountable credit card debt.  Our attorneys can go over these issues with you locally here in Phoenix and let you know whether bankruptcy is a good option for you. Remember, bankruptcy is only one option, and an experienced bankruptcy lawyer can develop comprehensive and creative solutions to your debt problems.  Furthermore, bankruptcy is our business, let our years of experience and know-how work for you to get you the debt relief that you are seeking.

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