With so many bankruptcy attorneys and debt relief law firms in Phoenix, why should you choose My AZ Lawyers?

FREE CASE EVALUATIONinfographic: Why choose My AZ Lawyers?

My AZ Lawyers offers a no hassle, no obligation to retain consultation and debt evaluation with an attorney. Our law firm has expert legal representation, experience, skills, and solutions needed to provide effective and efficient bankruptcy service. We have helped so many Arizona residents find their new beginning after living with debt. Our debt relief team is familiar with the Arizona bankruptcy law and process. We provide the information, advice, and options to help you overcome your debt issues and obtain a stable financial future.


  • Legal experience behind every case
  • Attention to clients directly from the attorneys
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Debt relief solutions specifically customized to each case
  • Free consultation and debt evaluation – in office or by phone



Our firm doesn’t just sign you up and then throw paperwork at you. Bankruptcy is a complicated process with demanding forms, documents, and schedules. The bankruptcy team at My AZ Lawyers will make sure you understand the law, your rights, and each step of the process. Leave the details and the legal service to the experts. We will guide you through the entire course of the bankruptcy, from start to finish — and beyond. Our firm offers a special program for clients after they receive their bankruptcy discharge. There is life after bankruptcy, and with debt eliminated, your financial future is looking bright! We can offer information that will help you rebuild your credit and stay on the right track with debt issues.


After a thorough debt analysis, our attorneys will be able to determine what debt relief method or bankruptcy chapter would best benefit your case. Clients work directly with an attorney. Each case is important to our firm. Our team handles every case with professionalism and dedication. The goal of My AZ Lawyers is to provide the best legal service for Arizona at an affordable price.


Our firm understands that when faced with bankruptcy, it may be difficult to manage collecting the money to retain a reputable attorney. That is why we offer our clients payment options. Call our office for details about the programs we offer. $0 down bankruptcy means you pay nothing down in legal fees to file a bankruptcy. We also offer a file now, pay later option.