Bankruptcy By Phone in Phoenix

How Arizona residents can file bankruptcy protection over the phone

File Bankruptcy Over the Phone. Phoenix bankruptcy lawyers offering bankruptcy by phone.Due to schedule restrictions and social distancing, bankruptcy by phone is a service offered by our Phoenix Bankruptcy Attorneys legal staff. When it is difficult or impossible to get to our bankruptcy law office due to health issues, disability, or scheduling conflicts, give us a call for a free consultation with an attorney. If bankruptcy is the right debt relief solution for your financial issues, Bankruptcy by Phone is the option you should take advantage of to eliminate or reduce debt, stop a wage garnishment, or stop a repossession or foreclosure.

Phoenix Bankruptcy Attorneys law firm is proud to offer “Bankruptcy by Phone” services to Phoenix residents. Using technology that is available to us, our firm’s debt relief experts can assist you by completing the entire filing for bankruptcy process over the phone.

Our experienced bankruptcy lawyers have been using Bankruptcy by Phone for years, and have had great success. In fact, clients who choose to file bankruptcy by phone never have to step foot into our law office. With the exception of attending a 341 Hearing with an attorney at the bankruptcy court, we provide the same expert legal representation entirely by phone.

Don’t for a minute think that the quality of legal service, communication, or attorney availability is less by phone vs. an in-person office visit. Our debt relief experts know how to successfully represent a bankruptcy filing completely by phone.

For your convenience, you can actually complete almost your entire bankruptcy over the phone. Call to get your fresh financial start with a free, no obligation bankruptcy consultation and debt evaluation over the phone. An attorney will begin by helping to determine if bankruptcy is in your best interest, answer your questions about your particular debt situation, and give you options for your case.


Bankruptcy by Phone at Phoenix Bankruptcy Attorneys is the exact same expert legal service that you would receive if you scheduled an in-office appointment. The exception — we eliminate all in-person meetings in order to manage your busy schedule and for respect for social distancing.   Keep yourself safe.  Additionally, our legal team represents and completes your bankruptcy filing via phone, email, fax, and technology. Our reputable, trusted, and dedicated Phoenix legal staff will ensure that all correspondence and documentation done electronically or by phone is confidential. Plus, our phoenix bankruptcy attorney at our firm will be there for you and guide you through the entire bankruptcy process.

Here’s how Filing Bankruptcy by Phone works:

File Bankruptcy Over the Phone. Phoenix Bankruptcy Attorney.

  1. Contact Phoenix Bankruptcy Attorneys and schedule a free phone consultation and debt evaluation with an attorney.  480-263-1699
  2. Plus, our firm will send you the documents to retain our service, and we will get started on the bankruptcy process. Plus, to get you started we will email, mail, or fax the documents you need to get started right away.
  3. Also, you may send the important details we need for the bankruptcy petition by phone, online, or by filling out a questionnaire.
  4. Complete the online credit counseling course (required to file bankruptcy).
  5. Phoenix Bankruptcy Attorneys will draft your final petition after all the required paperwork is sent. We will send you the final bankruptcy petition by mail, fax, or email for approval and signature.
  6. Attend the 341 Hearing (Meeting of Creditors) at the bankruptcy courthouse. Your attorney will attend this required court appearance with you.
  7. Allow our law firm to manage the rest of the process for you by communicating with the bankruptcy court. We will contact you if there are any updates to your case and when your bankruptcy discharge is granted by the bankruptcy court and your bankruptcy is final.
  8. An advantage of using our law firm, is that we can provide clients with programs, advice, and information to immediately begin rebuilding your credit.

No Obligation, Free Phone Consultation and Debt Evaluation

Bankruptcy by Phone begins with a NO OBLIGATION, Free consultation at your convenience from your home or office over the phone.  Plus, our legal professionals will advise you of your debt relief options. Additionally, Phoenix Bankruptcy Attorneys will discuss the details of your debt and evaluate your individual situation and options. Therefore, start with a phone call to our Phoenix based law office, and discover which debt relief options would be in the best interests of you and your family.

Attorneys experienced in filing Bankruptcy by Phone

The law office of Phoenix Bankruptcy Attorneys has helped thousands of people in Phoenix with debt relief options and filing bankruptcy in Arizona. Plus, you should allow our Phoenix bankruptcy lawyers show you that filing a Bankruptcy by Phone is an effective way to help you through the legal process. Therefore, if you are feeling the stress of debt, or overwhelmed by filing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, our professional, helpful approach by phone will be a great experience and the debt relief assistance you need.

Finally, if you are looking for affordable legal representation? Also, do you need to get your bankruptcy filed for cheap?  Yes, Phoenix Bankruptcy Attorneys have $0 Down Bankruptcy program and other low fee options and payment schedules that will make filing bankruptcy affordable for your budget. Contact our law firm today to get your bankruptcy filing process started by phone.


Arizona’s economy no doubt has an impact on Phoenix residents struggling to make ends meet or making bill payments on time.   Plus, with many in financial peril, many have no other option but declaring bankruptcy.  Therefore, Filing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy is one means of debt relief that may protect your rights as a debtor, and eliminate or reduce debt.  In these times of COVID-19 our Phoenix bankruptcy lawyers are offering a bankruptcy-by-phone option to those seeking Phoenix debt relief.  Thus, you should stay safe and get debt free with our bankruptcy team.

Consider personal bankruptcy and contacting Phoenix Bankruptcy Attorneys to discuss your financial situation if you can answer yes to one or more of these questions:


  • Do you need to WIPE OUT DEBT?


  • Do you want CREDITORS TO STOP CALLING and harassing you?


  • Do you need relief from extreme MEDICAL DEBT?

  • Fighting a CREDITOR LAWSUIT against you?

  • Do you need to STOP A FORECLOSURE?

  • Are you facing an EVICTION by your landlord?

  • Are you trying to AVOID LIQUIDATING your IRA or BORROWING AGAINST 401k?

  • Do you want assistance RENEGOTIATING OR CONSOLIDATING DEBT with creditors?

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