5 Unavoidable Causes of Bankruptcy in Phoenix

Sometimes Situations Happen and Bankruptcy Could Be the Best Solution

Unavoidable causes of bankruptcy blogMany folks believe that they’d never ever stay in a place to have to file for bankruptcy. Though the simple fact is the fact that anybody is able to see themselves in dire fiscal situations and in desperate need of debt relief. Unforeseen things are able to happen, and also we are able to discover ourselves swept up in a spiral that we cannot appear to stop.

Sometimes, filing for bankruptcy in Phoenix is usually the inevitable effect of particular situations.  These situations are something that could happen to anyone.  Don’t look at bankruptcy as a negative.  Bankruptcy is put in place to give those impacted by unfortunate situations the opportunity 

5 Situations that Could Make Bankruptcy Seem Unavoidable:


Going from 2 incomes to one may put a big strain on the finances of yours. In reality, you might not have the ability to cover all the expenses of yours on your income alone. Add to that the additional expenses divorce brings – like obtaining a different house, purchasing brand new furniture, and also exorbitant legal charges – and you might quickly discover your finances situation reaching a frantic level.

Filing for bankruptcy near Tucson might be the sole method to preserve several of your assets after a divorce. You can have credit card debt wiped away, freeing up cash paying various other expenses. Or maybe you might get on the repayment plan which would enable you to better handle the finances of yours.

Death of You or a Loved One

Clearly, the very own death of yours would clean away the financial problems you experience forever. Though the demise of the loved one of yours might trigger unforeseen financial pressures that you cannot overcome. The loved one of yours may die instantly in a crash or perhaps of an underlying condition that neither individuals knew existed.

Even in case your loved one has life insurance, it might not be sufficient to discuss all of the debts in your spouse’s name or even to coat all the living expenses of yours. You might end up in over the head of yours and requiring the debt relief which bankruptcy offers.

Work Loss or Work Furlough

Debt and bankruptcy blog2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic has brought terms like “furlough” and “laid off” more common terms than in previous years. Additionally, 2020 marks the highest rate of joblessness and unemployment since the great depression years in the 1930’s.  

All of us realize which we ought to have an urgent situation fund which would cover 6 weeks of living expenses, but several people have such a fund. In reality, few people have some savings at all. A lot of us reside from paycheck to paycheck, even in case we make a very good income. The far more many people make, the more they spend by improving the quality of theirs of daily life, like getting a larger home or even purchasing a costlier automobile.

Therefore, what happens in case you lose your job? You might not think that it is able to happen, though it can. Even folks with plenty of seniority and experience can be laid off with no notice. In case that were happening to you, you may need to reside on credit cards or even get out loans to cover the living expenses of yours. Those debts may be uncontrollable before you are able to get an additional job, and you might have to file for any Arizona bankruptcy.

Poor Health or Illness

A very long illness can pose a selection of financial problems. It might mean that you or maybe your partner are from work for a very long time, without a pay. It might also mean large medical bills, even though numbering into the tens of thousands.

Hospitals might provide you with a payment plan, but that does not imply you are able to afford to continue with it. Filing for bankruptcy near Tucson is able to clean away medical debt completely in case you qualify.  Additionally, something to keep in mind is that medical debt is the leading cause of bankruptcy in Phoenix, Maricopa County, and throughout Arizona.  Learn more about Discharging Medical Debt in a Bankruptcy here.

Bad Financial Habits

You might believe you are great with money, though the truth is that the majority of of us are not as great with money as we believe. Financial problems in addition do not begin as clearly as they end. You are able to start out having problems by simply being a bit too liberal with the charge card. With time, you construct a pattern of eating out or putting and shopping everything on the card of yours. All those behaviors construct on one another until you’ve a serious problem and do not understand what to do about it.

Bankruptcy is able to protect you.  Bankruptcy can erase many of your own bad fiscal habits. However, you will simply have to to make changes in your actions or else you will wind up getting the same issue again but won’t have the safety of bankruptcy to protect you as you can only file for bankruptcy (Chapter 7) every eight 8 years.  Contact our Phoenix debt relief agents and learn more about how life after bankruptcy works.

Bankruptcy may well not be as distant a chance when you think. You will find loads of conditions which can happen with no warning which can leave you in serious fiscal straits. After cases like these, bankruptcy may almost appear inevitable. It is crucial you converse with a bankruptcy lawyer in Phoenix to explore the options of yours and locate the best option for debt relief.

Other Bad Financial Habits:  There are many other habits that can financially devastate a person.  Gambling addiction, Alcohol or Drug Problems, Continually paying bills late, spending beyond your means, and irresponsible spending all fall under the umbrella of bad financial habits that should be addressed.

My Arizona Bankruptcy Lawyers are able to assist you with your Debt Relief Needs

Our Phoenix bankruptcy lawyers are able to look at the financial situations of yours and also enable you to comprehend in case bankruptcy will give the debt relief you need to have. Our experienced bankruptcy attorneys in Phoenix are able to file the bankruptcy of yours in case you choose to move ahead and also enable you to fix your financial issues quickly. Call us in Phoenix right now at (480) 263-1699.  Also, you can find out about how bankruptcy might have the ability to assist you in achieving a fresh start.