MYTH:  Debt Negotiation Companies Work Better Than Bankruptcy Attorneys

Why do you need an attorney to file bankruptcy?This is a myth!  Actually, our Phoenix bankruptcy attorneys have found in several cases that most debt negotiation and debt consolidation companies are nothing more than a scam and not beneficial to the lender.  Additionally we noticed that many of these companies ended up doing nothing more than completely ruining the credit of those who have used them.  Good debt negotiation companies are a rare find.
A lack of regulation is what we believe is the problem with a lot of the Debt Consolidation and Debt Negotiation companies.  Conversely, Phoenix bankruptcy attorneys are governed and regulated by Federal Bankruptcy Laws, The Bankruptcy Court, and The Arizona State Bar.  These regulatory agencies are in place to protect you the consumer from potential “scam” debt relief companies.  
Bankruptcy has protections and mechanisms that assure your debts are gone for good. Plus, bankruptcy allows people in Phoenix and throughout Arizona struggling with debt to wipe out certain debt obligations and get a fresh start.  Contact our Phoenix Fresh Start Bankruptcy lawyers to learn more about declaring bankruptcy in Phoenix.  Also, learn the differences between Arizona’s 2 most popular chapters of bankruptcy, Chapter 7 bankruptcy and Chapter 13 bankruptcy.