One of the most stressful parts of filing bankruptcy can be getting to and from unfamiliar law offices and courthouses. If you are considering filing bankruptcy in Arizona, you probably have enough on your mind without worrying about traffic and parking. There are a few steps involved in filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Some must occur in office or at a courthouse, however, fortunately,  some of the bankruptcy process can be done from home.

Initial Bankruptcy Consultation. Some law firms require you to come into their office for your initial consultation, but our Phoenix bankruptcy office offers the option to conduct your initial consultation telephonically.  Plus, your initial consultation with our office is FREE. However, If you have paperwork you want reviewed, or if you want to personally meet the people who will be working on your case, coming into our Phoenix bankruptcy office may be your best option. Additionally, you can also scan and email in paperwork if you would like it reviewed but still want to do your initial consultation over the phone.

Turning in Paperwork and General Info. Our Phoenix bankruptcy law firm uses a client portal to make it simple and convenient for you to upload documents for your case. You may also email or fax any documentation. If none of these are available to you, general mail through the USPS is also an option.  If you aren’t able to make any of those options work, you will need to come into the office to drop off your documents. If you have any questions throughout the course of your case, you can schedule an appointment to speak with a member of the Phoenix bankruptcy team.  Plus, the staff is also of course available by phone or email.

Reviewing Your Bankruptcy Petition:  Once you have turned in all of your documents, our Phoenix bankruptcy office will use them to draft your petition.  A typical bankruptcy petition is usually at least 50 pages. Upon completion, we will send you a preview of your petition so that the signing isn’t the first time you see it.  Reviewing your bankruptcy petition is another part of your bankruptcy that can be done at home.
Petition Signing:  Upon completion of your petition.  We will set you up with a petition signing with one of our Phoenix Bankruptcy Lawyers.  Petition signings should be done in office.  We will have you come into the office and meet with the attorney and sign the petition. Also, we can mail your declaration of electronic filing and have it mailed back in emergency cases, but it will take longer this way. The petition signing is also your opportunity to ask any additional questions to the attorney and prepare for your 341 Meeting of Creditors.

341 Meeting of Creditors. It is absolutely essential that you attend your 341 Meeting of Creditors. This is your creditors’ opportunity to show up and object to your debts being discharged. The trustee will also have questions about your case in addition to the petition and any other documents you submit. Your 341 Meeting of Creditors will be held in the downtown courthouse for your applicable jurisdiction. Make sure to check and double check the address, look up directions in advance, and know where you’re going to park. Plan to be early. If your case gets continued because of your tardiness, you will just have to come to the courthouse again, plus, there may be additional legal fees.  Attending a hearing in a courthouse is inconvenient and stressful, but probably less so than having thousands of dollars of debt.

Once you have attended your 341 Meeting of Creditors, you are potentially done leaving your home to complete your bankruptcy. If you choose to do a reaffirmation agreement on any of your financed assets, this will require an additional hearing and fee. Otherwise, your bankruptcy will be eligible for discharge 60 days after your 341 Meeting of Creditors, and the case should be discharged shortly thereafter.
We know that filing bankruptcy is a stressful process. That’s why we have done everything possible to make it simple and affordable for our clients. Whether you are most comfortable conducting business in person, over the phone, via text, email, or standard mail, our office can work with you to get your bankruptcy filed. Call today to schedule a free consultation and start the journey to a financial fresh start.  Phoenix Bankruptcy Lawyers, (480) 263-1699.