Is Bankruptcy Right For You?

Is Filing Bankruptcy in Arizona the Right Choice for You?

Find out if bankruptcy is right for you!  First and foremost, it is important to determine if filing for bankruptcy protection is the right choice for you and your family.  By reviewing your financial situation and discussing your immediate and long-term financial goals, one of our experienced Phoenix bankruptcy lawyers can offer you Arizona debt relief information that is applicable to your specific needs.

Contact our Phoenix bankruptcy attorneys now, talk to a bankruptcy lawyer for free in either a in office or phone consultation and find out if bankruptcy is the right choice for you.  Declaring bankruptcy is a tough decision.  Furthermore, make sure you get all of the facts on how the current Arizona bankruptcy laws apply to the financial situation of you and your family.  A knowledgeable Phoenix bankruptcy attorney can help determine if bankruptcy is a viable option.  Ask our lawyers if bankruptcy right for you.

The Phoenix Bankruptcy Process | My AZ Lawyers

Bankruptcy Attorney

After meeting with one of our Phoenix debt relief experts you can make an informed choice about filing.  Should you choose to move forward, your Phoenix bankruptcy attorney can file your petition on your behalf.  This must include all pertinent financial information related to your income, debt, expenses, property and more.

Bankruptcy Petition

Once your bankruptcy petition is filed, you will begin experiencing the protection of the automatic stay.  An automatic stay in bankruptcy will stop the threat of foreclosure, wage garnishment, and vehicle repossession.  The automatic stay can also stop daily phone calls from creditors and harassment from bill collectors.

Filed Bankruptcy

Once your bankruptcy is filed, you will be able to answer the phone without worrying that an angry bill collector is on the other end.  After filing you will be given the breathing room to determine how to save your home or work out another alternative to foreclosure.  You can begin the process of eliminating your debt once and for all.

Lastly, you need experienced legal counsel through the bankruptcy process if you are to experience the full advantage that filing for bankruptcy in Arizona has to offer.  From the filing of your bankruptcy petition, your meeting of creditors (341 Hearing), the automatic stay all the way until your debt is discharged.  You can count on our Phoenix Bankruptcy lawyers to guide and protect you.  We also handle chapter 7 bankruptcy, chapter 13 bankruptcy and all related debt relief matters for our clients in Phoenix, Maricopa County, and throughout Arizona.  Get a fresh start today and get back on the road to financial freedom!

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