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Explore Your Bankruptcy Options in Phoenix

Bankruptcy is a legal process meant to help get individuals back on their feet if they find themselves in severe debt.  In fact, more and more individuals and families in Phoenix, Arizona are struggling with debt and meeting their monthly financial obligations.  Debt and money stress causes a great strain on one’s personal, professional, and family life.  It also takes its toll on physical and emotional well-being.

Phoenix Bankruptcy Attorneys can help you with your debt matter if you are experiencing financial difficulties.  Also, our debt relief law firm has experience helping residents of Arizona find their way out of debt and onto a new beginning.  Plus, our firm concentrates on Chapter 7 and 13 BK cases, foreclosure and vehicle repossession assistance, and other debt relief options. We also offer $0 down bankruptcy, and other affordable payment plan options.


If your plan is to end the cycle of debt, which affects your credit and keeps you from maintaining a certain lifestyle, call our office for a FREE DEBT EVALUATION.  Schedule a consultation with an attorney who will help you answer your questions about your specific case, and provide you with options for debt relief.  No doubt you have concerns about bankruptcy, but we can help you understand the process, explain what we can do to assist your financial needs, and help you eliminate your debt.
Many of our clients are unable to make ends meet and pay the bills month after month, and to cover their expenses, use loans, credit cards, or lines of credit.  They fall behind on mortgage payments or other important bills.  Bankruptcy may seem like a difficult or stressful step, but it may be the answer to erasing debt so that you can get control of your financial future.


Bankruptcy is a serious matter, and although you can see the benefits of bankruptcy, you probably have reservations.

Many people who contact our office have similar questions when considering bankruptcy:

  • What will happen if I continue to fall behind on my monthly payments?
  • How will I keep avoiding the creditors who constantly harass me for a payment that I can’t give them?
  • How much longer do I have before my car is repossessed?
  • Will I lose my home due to foreclosure action?
  • Can creditors that I owe money to get a hold of my bank accounts or garnish my wages?
  • If I file bankruptcy, will my employer be contacted?
  • How am I going to be able to afford an attorney to help me get out of debt?

Additionally, bankruptcy may be your only or best option for your debt issues.  There are alternatives to seeking debt relief.  Therefore, our attorneys will assess your debt and listen to your needs, and provide options.  You need to feel comfortable with your decisions that will have a serious impact on your future.

Many individuals who file for bankruptcy have given their situation their best efforts. They have tried to make it better, but when the debt is overwhelming, and circumstances in life happen, sometimes they choose bankruptcy as a necessary means of relief.

We welcome you to get as much information as you can about bankruptcy.  Please search around our website to determine if you might need our assistance.  Choosing the right debt relief attorney is so important.  Experience matters, and our debt relief team is proud to serve Arizona residents with professional, dedicated, affordable legal representation.


Our attorneys understand that no two bankruptcy cases can be solved with the same bankruptcy petition.  We recognize the many different aspects to bankruptcy services and achieving your goals.  Phoenix Bankruptcy Lawyers addresses your specific debt issue and needs.  It is part of our services to explain your options and your rights as a debtor.  Our firm’s experience and expertise in Arizona Bankruptcy Law allows us to successfully represent a straight-forward case or an extremely distinct situation.

  • What is the best possible method for your case to resolve your debt issue?
  • What would you like to discuss about bankruptcy that is concerning to you?
  • The impact of bankruptcy – positive and negative – will a bankruptcy have on your future?

Call our office and visit to learn more about our BK services.  Making an informed decision with a law firm that you trust is a positive step toward a bright financial future!

Working Toward the Financial Success of Our Clients

Expect professional service when you work with our Phoenix Bankruptcy Lawyers.  When filing for BK, we will take you step by step through the entire process.  There are legal documents and schedules that need to be prepared, and our staff will support you.  An attorney will communicate with you, and will accompany you to the 341 hearing.  Our bankruptcy service includes experience, knowledge of the Arizona Bankruptcy Law, and the best legal bankruptcy representation.